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Thinking about Volunteering?

Looking for a way to get involved? Want to meet other parents and have a great time in the process while being a part of your child's wonderful band and guard experience? Chaperones and volunteers are needed for various band and guard activities throughout the year. Opportunities are available to drive students to and from events, chaperone overnight trips, assist with loading/unloading or transporting of equipment, assist with food preparation & planning, assist with uniform fitting, altering, or cleaning, and so much more. Volunteering is a great way to meet the people who play a big role in your student's high school experience. In addition, there are opportunities to volunteer at our fundraising events as well such as River Cats, Fireworks, Playathon, E-waste etc.. For more information please visit the fundraising tab.


There are also coordinator positions available as well. Please take a look at the many opportunities that help make this fantastic music program come together. We would love to have your join us. 

Peruse the positions below and when you find one that sounds good to you, please contact the Boosters @

Volunteer Positions

Coordinators and Laisons

Head Food Coordinators-


Band Camp & Super Saturdays-


Band Review Dinners-

Coordinates a parent crew to help serve lunch to the students during various activities such as Band Camp, Super Saturdays, and dinners at Band Reviews. Will oversee the planning, purchasing and serving of food at these events as well as make sure the appropriate items are loaded on the trailer for band reviews. For more info contact Lynette Lee-Renouf


Food Committee Email & Sign up Genius - 

A committee of 5-6 people who will assist the Head Food Coordinator.


Football Coordinator -
Helps with the logistics of loading/unloading and transporting band equipment, waters, and bleacher supplies for all home football games. Coordinates a parent crew to help set up at the football games. There are usually 4-6 fooball games all in in fall season, on Friday evenings.

Loading and Unloading Crew Coordinator-
Works with a parent crew, Mr. Edom and student equipment manager in making sure parent crew understands how to load and unload the truck. Crews are needed at football games, parades and field show competitions.


Percussion Liaison-
Coordinates loading/unloading and transportation for equipment, flooring, and set pieces for winter competitions and shows.


Guard Liaison- 
Coordinates loading/unloading and transportation for equipment, flooring, and set pieces for winter competitions and shows as well as student transportation.

Pit Crew Coordinator-

Coordinates a parent crew for bringing various pieces of equipment on and off the field during football games and field show competitions, while always communicating with Mr. Edom and the Pit Crew student section leader. There are usually 4-6 football games that are on Friday evenings, and four Band  reviews that are on Saturdays, all day. All in the Fall season.

Uniform Coordinator-

Organizes and fits uniforms during band camp and band reviews; will also be in charge of all uniform supplies and will be in charge of making sure the students bring their uniforms to events.

Crowd Rise Coordinator - 

Oversee crowd rise website.

Fund Raising Coordinator - 

Organizes all fund raising throughout the year. 

Memory Book Coordinator-

Responsible for collecting pictures taken throughout the year. Responsible for the layout, editing the content, and collecting pages from the seniors. Works directly with photographer.

Photographer - 

Takes Pictures of students at band rehearsals and events, including guard and drum line performances throughout the year; works with memory book creator/publisher.

Videographer -

Video records performances at field show competitions and concerts including jazz band festivals.

Playathon Coordinator-
Responsible for coordinating and publicizing the Playathon event.


Responsible for the Laguna Creek High School Band website, regularly updating content and maintaining the website's email and domain registation.

The Voice-
Send out weekly emails to the whole group with upcoming performance and fundraising events, important information, and updates.

Events Coordinator :

Jazz Night -

Awards Night - 

Senior Table - 

Coordinating various events throughout the year such as Jazz Night (Coordinate committee for set up, take down, supplies, and arranging student servers), Winter Concert (Cooordinate committee for set up, take down, senior invites, pictures, cake, and supplies), Awards Night (Coordinate committee for set up, take down, supplies, and food).

River Cats Coordinator-

Coordinates with Ovations (Raley Field) volunteer coordinator, solicits parents to help, arranges training sign-ups and notifies Ovations. Sends out email reminders of training, and upcoming games that people signed up to work, cooordinates assignments and keeps a record of time sheets at every game

Scrip Coordinator-

Educates the parents about the various forms of scrip as well as being responsible for collecting all the monthly scrip orders and ensuring the scrips gets delievered to purchasers.