This year we are making Playathon pledges easier than ever before by taking the pledge drive online. Your student will create their own link to our general fundraiser on They can share this link by email, social media, etc. 100% of the donations that your student raises goes to their fair share account first until their $400 goal is reached. After that, 80% goes into their account to pay for their spring trip and future band years. The other 20% goes into the general fund to help pay for expenses and to buy a Command Center Podium, storage container for props and supplies and if there is enough leftover to buy more instruments because band is growing in size. Financial donations will be accepted thru 10/22/18. If we are close to our goal, the deadline will be extended till Wednesday Morning 10/24/18.

We are in MAJOR NEED OF DONATIONS (Link of items needed) of items for our raffle baskets! 

If you have any gift cards, or items you think would be good for a basket, please send them with your student to Super Saturday check in or Monday Night Rehearsal and give them to Nancy Tran, Michelle Carrasco or Eileen Quaintance. We would like them turned in by Oct. 15th to build the baskets. Any questions please email at

We need ALL donated items by Saturday, 10/20, to include them in the program.  

Questions about crowdrise?  Email Michele Valencia at or (916) 584-9358.

Play-a-thon Flyer 

Day of Oct. 27th

Kids Meet to practice at 9 am

Parents and dinner is at 5 pm to 6 pm

Bands play from 6:30 pm 

LCHS Band students stay until either 2 am or (if they meet their goal) 6 am

Please check out the following links to HELP:

Volunteer the day/night of

Donate Food/drinks

Questions? Contact .

Play-a-thon Corporate Sponsor Packet Once completed and donation made then you will get the tax number.

Pledge Sheet- For donations collected that are not made online


Disney Basket

Star Wars Basket

A Day in the Bay Basket

21+ Basket

Home Sweet Home Basket
Booster Bounty (LCHS Spirit) Basket
Sports Lover Basket

Family Fun Basket

It's A Guy Thing Basket
Spa Day Basket

Teen Dream Basket
Just for Kids Basket (for kids not in high school)
Target Bull's-eye Basket
Movie Basket
For the Ladies Basket

Love My Pet Basket

Gourmet Italian Appetizer/Pasta/Wine Basket